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  • Transmodulatore 4in S2 4out DVBT2 2xCI  Uscita T2 Autoalimentato-Formato RACK

Transmodulatore 4in S2 4out DVBT2 2xCI Uscita T2 Autoalimentato-Formato RACK

Produttore: PROMAX

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CompactMax-2: Transmodulatore autoalimentato 4 ingressi DVBS/S2, 4 uscite DVBT2 Primo Transmodulatore con uscita MULTIPLA DVB-T2 Due Ingressi SAT con Slot Common Interface integrato Due Ingressi SAT per canali FREE Webserver Integrato Formato RACK 19, 1U, montabile anche a muro CompactMax-2 is a compact transmodulation system that allows to distribute Satellite TV channels (DVB-S or DVB-S2) in Second Generation Digital Terrestrial Television (DVB-T2) format. It can be connected to up to 4 satellite inputs (2 inputs for free channels and 2 for encrypted ones) to deliver up to 4 DVB-T2 muxes with dynamic webserver management via remote control. It is integrated into a 19” 1U Rackmount case. It can also be mounted directly on the wall. CompactMax-2 can be used in TV headends in hotels, convention centres, hospitals, ships, etc. It can also be used as a TV repeater to cover shadow areas. CompactMax-2 can be connected to a LAN local network or to the Internet. In this way remote control can be done from any PC computer using the integrated webserver. 4 satellite inputs transmodulated into 4 DVB-T2 muxes. 2 CI slots for decoding encrypted channels. PID filtering to select the desired output programmes. PID regeneration of PAT, PMTs, SDT and NIT tables. Webserver for remote control and management via LAN or Internet.


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