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Micro Rx Ottico Rf Out DTT-IF 85dBuV Alimentazione via Coax 10-20V 60mA

Produttore: TERRA

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The TERRA OD-007 optical node (FTTH optical receiver) is a component of TV antenna systems involving fiber optic technology. The device converts DVB-S/S2, DVB-T and FM/DAB signals provided via an optical link into RF signals that are locally distributed to terminal outlets. Optical technology is characterized by low attenuation, small interference, and most importantly, it allows for transmission of signals over long distances. Due to small size, modern design and suitable parameters, the OD-007 device is ideal receiver for FTTH systems providing satellite and terrestrial TV and radio channels via optical links. The SAT TV, DVB-T and DAB/FM radio signals provided via optical fiber are converted by the device into RF form distributed in the building (one-family home, apartment, office) via coaxial cabling. The optical receiver features high sensitivity (-15...0 dBm), thus it can be used at the end of comparatively long optical links or with low-power transmitters. The maximum RF output level of 80 dBµV is suitable for distribution of the channels via passive splitters/taps to up to 10 or so outlets without a need for an additional amplifier. Key features Compact size Remotely powered from a 10 V...20 V / 60 mA source Die-cast housing providing high screening efficiency by preventing the penetration of interfering signals to the unit Output RF range: 47-2400 MHz AGC based on optical input level Optical connector: FC/APC; RF output: F-f

  • PESO: 1 Kg

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